Sunday @SydneyFishMarket, Pyrmont @decosti_seafoods


I have a great friend who religiously visits the Sydney Fish Markets each Sunday morning early, to choose fresh seafood to cook for dinner.


This week he generously took me along and introduced me to the delights of not only the beautiful fresh fish and seafood…..


….but also lots of great people…

img_1681 img_1663

….like Nova and Sandra at De Costi Seafoods


….who have the very best skills at filleting fish for sashimi….


…and showed me the $195 per kg blue fin tuna from Japan that is highly sought after by top Sydney Restaurants.

In fact Demetri, who manages De Costi’s,  explained the important role the business has as a wholesale supplier to Sydney’s restauranteurs. However, DeCosti’s also highly values its shop front as a showroom for its produce and retail outlet for the public.


And so wonderful for us that they do, as the barramundi we enjoyed for dinner that night was absolutely delicious.

img_1851 img_1857

BBQ grilled barramundi with roast potatoes ( parboiled then seasoned and cooked at 180 degrees for 30 mins in oil, before turning for another 30 min) shaved fennel (with a potato peeler, then 5 min in iced water to curl) sliced olives and radishes, diced orange and toasted pine nuts. All garnished with red wine vinegar! Delicious!

But first there was the rest of the fish market to tour….


….like the Sashumi Bar…..


……Peters where you can pick your fish and have it cooked for your lunch……


….Black Wattle delicatessen that I noticed sells my favourite Gundowring licorice ice-cream and has great coffee…

img_1702 img_1703 img_1707 img_1704

….a very tempting Gregory’s Bread….

img_1713 img_1717 img_1714 img_1715

….and a well stocked fruit and veg shop to purchase the sides to accompany your fish.


And after a trip to the fish market, what you really need is a traditional, lovingly home-cooked full English breakfast!



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