Christmas in July – great dinner party theme for a Canberra Winter


It truly is cold in Canberra, and not so inviting to venture out to eat. But it’s the perfect time to get friends together for a Christmas in July dinner at home.

By sharing the catering and each bringing a dish or a course, it makes it easier on the host.
We did this recently with a bunch of friends and all invited someone new to introduce to the others.

I discovered new winter gems like hot green ginger wine (just add some boiling water) a quick an easy alternative to mulled wine.

Someone brought the nibbles..

Another the turkey breast roll with cranberry sauce and gravy and  ham as well….

….some one else teamed this with fresh green beans and roast winter vegetables.

Then there were mince pies and plum pudding with custard, cream and rum icecream….

And lastly we had Ginger biscuits and something new to me….Tim Tams dunked in port – surprisingly fantastic! (a true believer would bite off each end and suck the port through the Tim Tam).

I think it’s always worth hanging on to a few Christmas crackers, keeping some Chrissy decorations handy and freezing a few mince pies when they are in the shops….just in case you need them in July!

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