A very special Iranian Yalda dinner! 


It was a very special evening when lovely friends treated me to my very first Iranian Yalda night (solstice) – a time when family and friends gather to eat, drink and read poetry by Hafez – a first century poet/fortune teller.

It was also my first Iranian meal, very lovingly and carefully prepared…spectacular, and one I will always remember!

It reminded me of Parsi dishes I’ve eaten in Mumbai. I’m always fascinatd by the cultural and historical links that flow through through food.

Dips Hummus, Yogurt and cucumber and mint, Yogurt and dill, Beetroot

Ash (almost like a soup with spinach, lentils and noodles) with Kashk garlic fried onion and garlic

Special rice with saffron, almonds and barberries

Safforn and lemon marinated Akbar joojeh (chicken) with Pomegranate sauce

A beautiful colourful tradtional style salad

Tah dig (crispy rice from bottom of pot) – a highly desired specialty

Yogurt drink – Doogh – a sleep enhancer ( a little like buttermilk)

Dessert – saffron creme caramel – wow!

Saffron tea, nuts and red fruits including pomegranate and persimmon (the red Colour of the fruits is special for Yalda)


Nuts from Iran



The poetry pf Hafez – read right to left

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