How to find the best food when travelling!


Great tips from The Globe Getter.….
So, how does one find the best food to eat when traveling, and how can one be an “ideal eater” while experiencing other cultures? 

Walk away from the main tourist drag. It’s likely full of overpriced, mediocre food.

Learn the culinary customs of where you are and embrace them.

Get out of your comfort zone (e.g., don’t buy a Big Mac from McDonald’s if that’s your usual thing).

Understand that food is about so much more than the taste. It’s about the people, the environment and all the components that contribute to making the meal what it is.

Get the perspective of those who live in a place but also the perspective of those who visit that place. Sometimes there are different intentions between locals and visitors, so try to get an informed mix of the two.

Know that authenticity isn’t always delicious, so in your search for the “authentic experience,” understand that it doesn’t always guarantee the best tasting meal, but it will likely be a memorable one.

Follow the crowds (selectively). It’s something I once shared with Travel + Leisure and still stand by: follow the locals because they often know where the good food can be found.

Ask friends who have given great recommendations before. I like recommendations, but I’ll be honest, not everyone has good ones, so I often will ask people who have pointed me in the right direction before, whether it’s with food or anything else. If they don’t know, they may know someone who knows. In other words, I trust their opinion.

Do some research beforehand but take what you read with a grain of salt and make your own assessment when you’re actually in the place you’re visiting.

Don’t rely on just one of your senses to make a decision about whether you’ll eat something or not. Sometimes the best food doesn’t look great, but the dish could end up being one of the best you’ve ever tried. Or, sometimes you may sniff something and decide the smell doesn’t agree with you so you’ll pass on tasting the dish. I say go for it, because you may end up loving it.

Keep an open mind about what you’re eating, unless you have specific dietary restrictions.

Know that sometimes you’ll strike out and sometimes you’ll hit a home run when it comes to food. Yes, that’s a baseball analogy on my blog — likely the first and last time you’ll ever see me mention baseball, so enjoy it while you can. 

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