Fine Eating’s Top Canberra Restaurant for 2015, Space, Woden – an illustrated menu!


When Space opened on 8 October 2015, it was Fine Eating’s most popular post for the year.

Woden CBD had been longing for a new eatery – stylish, creative, exciting!


Space is all that and so much more. Each dish is both a work of art, and full of surprising but wonderful flavours and textures – both beautiful and delicious!

The all day breakfast dishes and the gourmet salads are still the highlights of the menu with great coffee and good wine by the glass to back it up. (And yes wine goes very well with these breakfast dishes).

And then the very famous desserts arrived….

An illustrated menu…. ( with many thanks to all the friends who shared the meals, lovely 2015 memories!)

All day breakfast

Full service $21.90

Minor service $ 16.90

Space Benedict $18.90


Hot Cakes $17.90

Smoked Salmon Breakfast $18.90

Polenta Waffles $18.90

Breakfast Fritters $18.90


Muesli $15.90

Egg& Bacon Roll $11.90

Space Jam $6.90

Salad Bar & Gourmet Sandwiches

Roast Chicken Sandwich $14.90


Pulled Pork Roll $14.90

Mushroom Sandwich $14.90

Chicken Peach Salad $18.90

Pulled Pork Salad $18.90


Smoked Trout Salad $18.90

Roast Vegetable Salad $18.90


Chicken Burger $16.90

Pulled Pork Sliders $16.90

Wagyu Cheese Burger $16.90

Fish and Chips $19.90

Calamari $19.90

Space Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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