Canberra’s Beer Day Out – Not just about the beer!


Canberra’s annual Beer Week come to a climax this weekend at the Beer Day Out in the Old Bus Depot Markets, Kingston.


Full of beer lovers and friends just out for a fun time Friday night, there were plenty of local and international beers to try ($4-5 each)…


…like Canberra’s own….



….the very friendly Christoph at Zierholtz….

IMG_1629 IMG_1630

…and PACT….


….and from further afield Young Henry’s…

IMG_1615 IMG_1617

…nice spots to  sit….



IMG_1620 IMG_1633



…and some great friendly food vans selling the perfect food to go with beer…

IMG_1602 IMG_1637

…like Akiba’s Japanese fried chicken buns $6…

IMG_1628 IMG_1631

…Mr Papa’s Chanchito $13…

IMG_1627 IMG_1610

…East Street’s original pork Banh Mi $9, Spring Roll $3, steamed mini pork bun $3….

IMG_1619 IMG_1612

…and Lemongrass BBQ Chicken Banh Mi $12…


..the very happy ‘Happy as Larry’ feeling some great looking pizza $15-$17…


…and equally friendly Mexican Movil…both coming all the way from Sydney.


The perfect end to the evening was some of Frugii’s Beer Ice-cream or Cider or Gin and Tonic Sorbet $6.

IMG_1635 IMG_1598 IMG_1599 IMG_1597

A great end to the week, especially with a bunch of friends, that got started again on Saturday afternoon.

IMG_1632 IMG_1611

Like the Hamlet and Westside its fun to head with a group, take a sharp knife and grab a selection of foods to share and try.

The only thing  is that it’s easy to forget how your wallet is going…and when you add on the price of the can get quite costly if you need to watch your budget.

2 thoughts on “Canberra’s Beer Day Out – Not just about the beer!

  1. Looks like a great event with my favourite Canberra brewers – Bentspoke and my favourite ice cream man Mr Frugii! Cheers to that! Thanks for linking up your post on the #WINENOT Wine Blog Post Sharing Party
    Louise @ WillungaWino


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