The Spud Bar, Garema Place, City



The Spud Spot in Garema Place City, has plenty of potential for a quick casual lunch or dinner in the warmer weather when it’s nice to sit outside.

image image

Offering large, very sharable serves of either white or sweet potato (or half and half) with a range of fresh and tasty toppings for $10-$13, it’s great value.

image image

Choose between a suggested combination on the menu, or design your own from the hot and cold toppings available.

image image

If you are wanting a lighter touch to your meal, choose more fresh ingredients and skip the hot options.


The vegetarian options also look very inviting.

Pulled Pork $12.90 – tender pulled pork with baby spinach, shredded cabbage, corn, peas and spring onions with light sour cream.


Half serves are also available ( at around $6.50 for one of the basic three options, with additional toppings for $1-$3) but these are limited and it’s better to share one with a friend if you can,  or ask for a box and take some with you.


Closed Sundays, it also closes early, Monday to Wednesday.

image image


Also good inspiration for easy quick meals at home….


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