Joseph Swan Deli, Macauley Rd, Kensington, Vic


The Joseph Swan Deli is a new addition to the Macauley Road eateries and an interesting little nook to explore.


image image

Staff are extremely welcoming and accommodating. The feel is casual and relaxed and indeed the deli is aiming to become a community hub for locals. To help this along, it offers filtered coffee for $2.50 with free refills, to go with the blackboard breakfast and lunch specials that include a homemade pie, soup and roll as well as a range of gourmet sandwiches.

image image
The community feel is also reflected in the wooden sculpture wall made from local builds and representing the diversity in the community.


The sweet treats and breads also look delicious and there’s both communal and outdoor seating.

image image
A new venture well worth supporting.
Open Monday to Friday 8-6pm, Saturday 8-5pm and Sunday 8-4pm.



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