Saigon Restaurant, Pearce


The Saigon Restaurant at the Pearce shops has long been a favourite with southside Canberra families. Along with Rama’s and Ethiopia Down Under, it’s one of the restaurants that spill out tables and diners onto an open paved area that’s lovely for casual dining in the warm evening weather.


Saigon is excellent value with corkage only 50 cents per person, four spring rolls for $4 that are delicious for entrée, rice for $2 per serve, desserts for $5 and a large range of dishes for $14.50 (vegetarian dishes start at $13).

The lemongrass and chilli options are very good as are the caramelised dishes. Chicken, pork and beef are all good options.

The ginger dishes and the curries with coconut cream and potatoes are worth considering too.

Up to six people can share one dish and about 2 dishes per three people with one rice per person is a good amount to order (along with a spring roll each).

If including one dessert per couple, the total bill including corkage is around $15 per person. (The mung bean cake with icecream /coconut cream looks inviting.)

Décor is basic but the atmosphere is pleasant (especially when filled with fellow happy diners) and service is friendly and efficient.


Vietnamese spring rolls (4 for $4) full of taste.


Chicken with lemongrass and chilli $14.50


Caramelised pork and prawns $18


Beef stirfry with fresh Vietnamese Mint and Peanuts $14.50 (not as good as the other two choices).


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