The Scholar, Yum Cha, Dickson 

The Scholar, in Dickson is clearly very popular for Yum Cha which it offers daily Mon-Fri 11:45-3:00pm and Sat – Sun 10:30-3:00pm.
image image
It’s a good idea to book a table. Nicest tables are near the window.
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Dishes include:
 Scallop dumpling $8.80
 Steamed Prawn combo dumpling $7.30
Sui Mai (Pork dumpling) $6.30
Pan fried Chive dumpling $7.30
 Combo dumpling $6.30

Vegetable in oyster sauce $8.80


Steamed BBQ pork bun $4.80


Coconut Jelly $6.30


Mango Pudding $7.30


Sesame Ball ( with red bean) $6.30

image image

 While all choices are good, they aren’t as good as Akiba’s Yum Cha, and the setting is not as nice. It can also be more expensive at the Scholar, as it’s hard to keep track of what dishes cost or how many you’ve had.

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