A $20 banquet idea for a large group Christmas Party


If you are planning a Christmas Party for a large group (like a work team or Branch) but need to stick to a budget so that everyone can afford to come, then a $20 three course Bangladeshi Banquet including corkage, may be your answer.


Taste of Bangladesh offers food that is a hit with everyone who visits. It’s great value with large sharable serves, there’s no corkage charge on beer or wine and Shafique, your host is very keen to be flexible to meet your needs.

Special dietary requirements can be met easily. Most options are gluten free, some also dairy free and the spiciness of dishes can be easily varied.

A $20 per person plan could include:

Complimentary pappadoms to start



1 onion Bhaji per person $1.75 (4 pieces for $7 and $1.75 each for extras) with tamarind chutney and mint chutney



1/2 Cheese and spinach naan per person ($1.75)


4 Dishes per 5 people $12.30 per person

Good choices are:

Dum Murgh (chicken)


Fish Bengali


Palak Paneer (vegetarian)


Chicken Biriyani


2 serves plain rice per 6 people (this enough if also getting a Biriyani) $1 each


1 Raita per 7 people $0.50 each



1 serve Gulab Jaman (halved pieces) and 1 serve Mango Kulfi per four people ($2.25 per person)

image image

Free corkage on wine and beer

And for those who would prefer something different, there’s also a range of good pizza for $12 like the Tikka Pizza (may also be an alternate entree).

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