Monster Kitchen and Bar, New Acton – great for a post movie supper


Dining at Monster is a true experience! Perhaps the most stunning is the decor. Eclectic but elegant and full of fun.

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Monster is a great choice for a light supper after a movie at the Palace Cinema.


Co-located in the same building, you don’t even need to brave the cold Canberra weather.


The Bar Menu (12pm-1am) includes the 38-hour pork neck boa with cucumber and kimchi for $9 per piece. These are tasty with a nice crunchy texture inside the soft bun, but quite small.


Very delicious is the Cecina (wonderful cured beef), manchego (sheep’s cheese), pickles and toast ($6 per piece). Again, a small serve, but definitely worth it.


The Shared Plates (12pm-10pm) include a very flavoursome eggplant, smoked goat’s curd, katsuobushi, sesame seed ($18) which is larger and easier to share.


The Muhammad, mint and turkish flat bread ($14) is not as good a choice as the other picks.


Wine by the glass starts at around $12.


There are also some very interesting sweet share plates on offer which would be great with a coffee.

Also worth trying would be the breakfast menu, which sounds excellent!



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