Pho Phu Quoc Vietnamese Restaurant, Dickson – one of Canberra’s best

Pho Quoc just to be one of Canberra’s very best eateries. It’s no wonder it gets so busy. In fact they are  moving to larger premises around the corner in June.
Corkage is cheap at $1.10 per person and serve sizes are truly generous.
They spring rolls really are very good (4 for $5.90)
So is the Birdnest Seafood $19.90 (would also be good with chicken $16.90) a birds nest made of shredded potato (yummy) filled with braised seafood and vegetables.
The Garlic Prawns in Claypot $21.90 (12 prawns) is very good and would be a good alternative to the very good Pepper Fish in Claypot $21.90.
The Crispy Skinned Chicken is not quite as good a pick as the others $15.90.
Rice serves are very generous ($2 per person) and prawn crackers are complimentary.
A good menu for 4 to share is:
4 spring rolls $5.90
Birds nest Chicken $16.90 or Seafood $19.90
Garlic Prawns in Claypot $21.90 or Pepper Fish in Claypot $21.90
Caramelised Pork and Prawns $18.90 or Caramelised Pork $16.90.
3 serves rice $6
Total cost of food: Approximately $71 ($18 per person)
25 % disount for holders of the Canberra Entertainment Book ($13.50 per person)
Corkage $1.10 each extra.
Open for Lunch and dinner 7 days.

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