Catering for a large crowd when space and time are short


Just because you’re inviting a crowd over for a celebration or event, doesn’t mean you need to call the caterers in.

Even if time and space are short, it can still work to create the whole event yourself.

Just keep a few key tips in mind:

1. Create as much space as possible by moving out unnecessary furniture.

2. Plan for finger food and foods that people can hold in their hands to eat.

image image image image image

3. Make ahead and freeze.

4. Keep serve sizes small.

Thai Pumpkin and Coconut Soup..


…served with Chorizo, Corn and Cheese mini-muffins


5. Serve main dishes in small hand held bowls or ramekins.

Green Curry with Fish served with rice and chopped peanuts


Chilli beef nachos with rice


Moroccan chicken with chorizo, chickpeas and smoked paprika


Chicken cottage pot pies


Creamy fish potato topped pie


6. Serve cakes/slices for dessert or homemade ice-cream in small freezer-proof ramekins.

7. Buy some silver look alike plastic disposable teaspoons from the bargain shops (e.g. Home Base Woden).


8. Use garnishes well.

A few more ideas…..

Finger food ideas

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