Bollywood Dimensions, Braddon

Bollywood Dimensions  in Braddon is a great spot for a group shared meal, especially if you are sticking to a budget.
It has efficient and helpful service, is cozy, carpeted and quiet for conversation…..
… and offers well sized served of a range of mains, breads and side dishes that can be combined to create an interesting and diverse menu.
The dishes are flavoursome, but quite spicy, so choose a mild or medium spice level.
Combine one main dish, one side dish (like a dah), one bread and two serves rice per two people to share. However four people could share two different types of mains, sides and breads for variety.
Methi Chicken (mild, medium, hot) – $18.50 Chiken with fenugreek leaves, a good choice
Yellow Dal Tadka $8.90 – a full-flavoured lentil dish with curry leaves, mustard seeds, coriander leaves, mint and cumin (tasty)
Kheema Naan Naan bread stuffed with ground lamb mixed with chopped coriander $4.50 ( really wonderful!)
Saffron Basmati Rice $ 3.25
… I think the Steamed Basmati Rice $3.00 would be better
For a group of four (or more) I’d try:
2 serves steamed basmati rice
Awesome Butter Chicken (Mild) $18.50 Boneless Chicken pieces cooked in Tandoor and finished in a creamy butter and tomato sauce. A creamy and fairly mild dish
Majestic Chicken Tikka Masala (mild, med, hot) $18.50
boneless chicken pieces cooked in a Tandoor with capsicum, onion, ginger & garlic, sauteed with crushed tomato
Marvelous Lamb Pasanda – a chef’s special $18.90 lamb marinated overnight to ensure that the meat is tender and full of flavour
Angelic Lamb Saag (mild – med) $18.50
Lamb with freshly ground spinach, sauteed in butter, ginger & garlic and finished with cream. A traditional dish from North India
Mesquite Dal Makhani $8.90
A rich, creamy dal preparation with lentils and red kidney beans cooked with an aromatic combination of spices
Yellow Dal Tadka $8.90
1x Kheema Naan $4.50 (cut into 1/4)
1x Paneer Naan $4.50 Traditional Naan Bread stuffed with cottage cheese and baked in Tandoor (cut into 1/4)
About $20 per person (or $15 with a Canberra Entertainment Book discount)
BYO Corkage $5 per bottle
Open 7 nights for dinner 5:30-10pm and lunch Tues-Fri 12-2pm
Licensed with wine by the glass starting at $6.50
25% discount (up to $25) for holders of the Canberra Entertainment Book

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