Chong Co, Southern Cross Club, Woden – lunch special


Chong Co at the Southern Cross Club, is a firm top choice for lunch in Woden.

Not only for members (although members get a 10% discount) Chong Co diners can go straight up the stairs to the restaurant. There is also free parking under the club if you validate your ticket at reception as you leave.

At lunch time it is possible to order from the lunch special menu that ranges from $13 for a vegetarian stirfry with rice, to $16 and includes noodle dishes, soups, curries and stir fries.

These come with rice and can be good options if dining alone or there is an odd number sharing in a group, but otherwise, the best option is to order dishes from the main dinner menu ($19-21) (larger and tastier than the lunch specials) and to plan for one dish and one serve of rice per two people.

(For example up to six people can share a dish, but six people with need three different dishes and three rice serves).

It’s good to order a mix of curries (the beef massaman $21 is excellent as is the chicken green curry) and stir fries (chicken and cashew nut with chilli jam is hard to beat, but the lamb prik khing dishes is also good).

Four Musketeers entrée $12 includes a prawn roll, money bag, fish cake and satay chicken


Vegetarian stir fry with tofu $13 (lunch special)


Chicken Basil stirfry and fried egg $15 (lunch special)


Prawn tom yum noodle soup $16 (lunch special)


Prawn Singapore Noodle $16 (lunch special) stir fried  vermicelli noodles with prawns, egg, mild yellow curry powder and vegetables


Chicken cashew nut stir fry $14 (lunch special) stir fried chicken with mild chilli jam, onion, shallot, vegetables and cashew nuts


Beef massaman curry with roti (main menu) $21 (excellent)


Stir fried Chicken with basil and chilli (main menu) $19


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