Smoque, Woden – specials


Smoque at Woden has an ideal veranda’d location in the Abode building, that’s very close for workers in the adjacent offices.


It’s standard menu offers a range of gourmet burgers ( the veggie burgers and pulled pork burgers are excellent) on brioche buns and interesting salads ( especially the thanksgiving salad).

Pulled pork burger $12 – tasty pulled pork with BBQ sauce and coleslaw


Swiss burger (a special) $16 with two meat patties and plenty of cheese




However, for a couple more dollars, Smoque also offers a lunchtime special of any burger with a small garden salad or a small side ($15).

Serves are generous, so two or three smaller appetites may want to share. Smoque is also happy to provide a container to take with you what you would enjoy more later.

Lunch special with a Swiss burger with buffalo hot wings with blue cheese aioli $15



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Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner daily

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