Taste of Bangladesh – a menu for six larger appetites


Taste of Bangladesh is such good food and warm home-cooking hospitality at great prices, that it’s an ideal place to pick for a family with active, rapidly growing members or group with larger appetites.

While pappadoms won’t fill much space, they are great to nibble on with a glass of BYO wine (free corkage) while you reach a consensus on the ordering.


Choose one dish each to share between up to six people, or one dish less if also planning dessert, along with one rice and one naan per two people.


3 plain naan, cut into quarters.


One serve rice


Two serves rice

The Dum Murgh $15.50 is always a winner


So is the Fish Bengali $16 (with eggplant and tomato)


The Goat Curry $15 has lovely flavours


But then every dish is good, including the Kadai Prawns $16.50


And Kadai Vegetables $14


Also interesting to try are some of the side dishes, like the Fish Borta $5. This little extra can be shared between six and adds a little extra spicy (very, but you can ask for less heat) crunch to the meal. It’s ideal to order as an extra, if there are just two of you sharing one meal with rice and naan.


There are three desserts, all $4.50 per serve which are good to share as a tasting experience.

The Pesta Kheer (Milk pudding with Sultanas and Pistachios, served warm) is nice..


But it’s heard to beat the Gulab Jaman..


(halved for sharing)

and the Mango Kulfi


Two serves pictured here.

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