Wheat & Oats – going from strength to strength


Wheat & Oats, in Colbee Court, Phillip is quickly developing it’s menu and specials, making it a very welcome new addition to Woden lunch spots.


It’s excellent value, especially for holder of the Canbera Entertainment Book who are offered a 25% discount.

The regular menu includes a very excellent goat curry $13


..as well as a range of sandwiches, a chilli and chicken wrap.. $10…


…a burger, Raman noodle soup, bruschetta and vegan salad and all day breakfast options.

But perhaps it’s the changing daily specials that are the most interesting and tasty…


…including a Lamb Wrap $10…

IMG_5597 IMG_5602

…Chicken Schnitzel Burger $8.50..

IMG_5595 IMG_5605

…Quiche $4.50…

IMG_5593 IMG_5596


..Quiche with salad $10..


…Salad alone $7.50..


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