Taste of Bangladesh and India, trying a few new dishes


The Taste of Bangladesh and India has great food and hospitality and is excellent value.

The menu includes a wide range of less common dishes and Bangladeshi favourites which are well worth a try.


Kacchi Biriyani $15.50 – is a rice dish with marinated goat meat cooked with spices, very flavoursome, especially the meat and one of the most famous flavoured rice recipes from Bangladesh.


Mirji Handi $14.00 – seasonal vegetables cooked with crumbled paneer and tomato and cashew gravy, is tasty but quite rich and cheesy.


Dum Murgh $15.50 (is still the most amazing dish, and the top pick)


Garlic naan $3 each and plain naan $2.50, rice (which is definitely not necessary if having the Biriyani) and Raita $5 (nice, but not absolutely necessary with the meal)


Two dishes and a Biriyani (with naan) can be more than enough for three appetites. However staff are more than happy to package up any that’s left to take home to enjoy later.

The private area is very good for a larger group and provides good privacy and a very quiet area for conversations. However, a couple or a small group may be better to choose a table closer to the kitchen as the more private area can feel a little too quiet.


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