Mandalay Bus, more great sharing options


While evenings are still warm, it’s still hard to beat the Mandalay Bus for a very casual, great value weeknight meal.

Take a candle along with wine, glasses a few extra sharing plates, some folding chairs and a make shift table and you’re set for a relaxing evening.


All options on the menu are great and suitable for sharing if you also bring a sharp knife, but a few worth considering are the… (again) spicy pork tortilla $10


Prawn twisters (7 for $9) (great with ranch dressing and sweet chilli sauce)


Burmese Calamari Salad $10


Don’t forget to add the yummy sauces that are available.

..and sharing a crepe with marshmellow, Nutella, peanut butter and banana $6 is a perfect end to the meal (unless of course you are planning to head across to the Frugii Dessert Laboratory).

The Mandalay Bus on Urbanspoon

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