Tamarind Restaurant, Luang Prabang


Tamarind Restaurant is true to it’s claim: ’We are not a regular restaurant. We aim to introduce you to Laos’ relatively unknown cuisine by explaining and demonstrating Lao culinary customs.

It’s great to be able to try ‘taster plates as a light sampler of Lao flavours and textures.’


The sweet sticky rice with coconut palm sugar sauce is the best ever.


It has a lovely Nam Khan riverside setting, good prices and great, interesting food.


The drinks are also excellent.


Granitas $AUD 3.70 ($AUD 2.20 non-alcoholic, also lovely)
‘A refreshing, crushie ice slushie-style drink with a vodka kick’
Best to least
Watermelon and Chilli
Honey and Ginger
Lime and Lemongrass
Rosella and Lime (not so great)

Beer Lao15,000 kip ($AUD 2.20) for 600ml

Lao Coffee is 9,000 kip and served local style in true Tamarind commitment to authentic regional cuisine. The menu says ‘Lao coffee is blended with tamarind for a sour sweet blend. Different to western coffee, it does not have a strong caffeine kick. We serve it Lao style with a bottom layer of sweet [sweetened condensed] milk.’

Good cooking classes are also available, but these fill up fast.









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