Bamboo Tree Cooking Class, Luang Prabang



Newly established Bamboo Tree Cooking Classes sees cooking teacher/chef Linda, who taught with the well respected Tum Tum Cheng Cooking Classes for ten years continuing to provide well run classes that are well priced and make efficient use of the time. Around $40 AUS includes the class, lunch, market tour, cocktail and cook book.

Located near Apsara Hotel and Tamarind Restaurant Bamboo Tree offers both morning (8:50-14:00) and evening classes (17:00-20:00).


phone: +856 20 2242 5499


Linda and her sister (who takes the market tour) are engaging and thoughtfully explain many aspects of Lao cuisine and local ingredients.


The class finishes with a lovely lunch of the dishes that the group has cooked, down by the Nam Khan River along with a Lao Lao whiskey cocktail.


IMG_1937_2 IMG_1936_2

Sweet chilli dip paste                                        Sticky rice, coconut and banana dessert

IMG_1932_2 IMG_1931_2

IMG_1930_2 IMG_1929_2

IMG_1917_2  IMG_1919_2

IMG_1920_2 IMG_1921_2

IMG_1922_2 IMG_1923_2 IMG_1924_2 IMG_1925_2 IMG_1926_2 IMG_1927_2 IMG_1915_2 IMG_1914_2  IMG_1912_2

The class starts with a visit to Phosy local market.

IMG_1911_2 IMG_1910_2 IMG_1909_2 IMG_1908_2 IMG_1907_2 IMG_1906_2 IMG_1905_2 IMG_1904_2 IMG_1903_2 IMG_1902_2 IMG_1901_2 IMG_1900_2 IMG_1899_2 IMG_1898_2

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