Muang Ngoi and Sop Jam boat trip


Don’t miss the opportunity to take a boat ride from Nong Kiaw upriver to Muang Ngoi and Sop Jam for 550,000kip approximately $82 for the day for the boat and driver.
Stop at a Sop Jam to buy woven textiles for around 40,000-50,000 kip each and have lunch at the Riverside restaurant in Muang Ngoi on the way back.
Your accommodation hosts can help you with the arrangements.

IMG_1819_2IMG_1868_2 IMG_1867_2 IMG_1866_2   IMG_1863_2

Muang Ngoi


IMG_1862_2 IMG_1861_2 IMG_1860_2IMG_1822_2


Sop Jam

IMG_1846_2 IMG_1840_2 IMG_1847_2 IMG_1836_2 IMG_1837_2 IMG_1835_2 IMG_1834_2 IMG_1833_2 IMG_1832_2

Riverside Restaurant in Muang Ngoi


IMG_1831_2 IMG_1830_2 IMG_1829_2 IMG_1828_2 IMG_1827_2 IMG_1823_2  IMG_1821_2   IMG_1824_2IMG_1864_2

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