Dyen Sabai Restaurant, Luang Prabang



Part of Dyen Sabai’s appeal is it’s open sided hill side setting across the Nam Kham River. Easy to get to when the seasonal bridge is operating, but requires a boat ride across when the bridge is not available (due to high water levels).

IMG_4321 IMG_4319  IMG_0048IMG_1850

Well priced and offering happy hour two for one cocktails until 12-7pm, it has some great food that showcases local specialities. It’s an essential addition to your dinner itinerary and a well chosen Lonely planet top pick.


Entree platter 2 very good for trying a range of Luang Prabang specialties

The grilled lemon fish is a stand out dish but everything is excellent.

IMG_1920 IMG_1924

Grilled lemon fish with chilli sauce                Fried eggplant with pork

IMG_1908 IMG_1914

Stir fried chicken with basil                             Minced mushrooms with mint and herbs (also surprisingly very good!)

Best to book in the busy season, but this is easy to do ahead by emailing.

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