Luang Prabang morning market


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The morning fresh food market in Luang Prabang is colourful, interesting and an essential visit at least once. It’s also great for photos. Go early as it winds up around 11am.

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It’s in the street parallel with and in-between the night market and Mekong riverside streets, between the palace and then post office. The most colourful part however, can be found in a lane through from the night market street (Sisavangvong Street) that starts opposite, but in-between the Luang Prabang Library and the fruit and baguette stands (on the corner of Sisavangvong and Kitsalat streets diagonally opposite the post office). A Hobo map is available around town (try Coconut Garden) for 20,000 – 30, 000 kip ($3-4) and well worth buying.

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