Cafe Toui, Luang Prabang


Despite first appearances Cafe Toui, has arguably the best in Luang Prabang, at an excellent price.

IMG_0007 IMG_0060

All meals are very good and the chef/owner Mr Toui, very lovely.


Luang Prabang Sausage Stew pork sausage with pumpkin and coconut milk
45,000 kip ($AUD 6.60) This is particularly good!


Souisi Pa – Mekong fish cooked in coconut and red chilli sauce with basil 40,000 kip ($AUD 5.80)


Pork laap with lemongrass , banana flower and ginger 39,000 kip ($AUD 5.70)


Kang Phet Kai – milk red curry with vegetables and chicken cooked in coconut milk 39,000 kip


Gaeng Kalee – Lao yellow curry with vegetables, galangal and lime leaf cooked in coconut milk 40,000 kip


Fish stew with eggplant, crunchy snake bean and basil 40,000 kip


Stir fried duck in chilli coconut sauce with basil and crunchy green peppers 45,000 kip


Mekong river weed

Cocktails $AUD 5-6, but 2 for 1 from 3-6pm (but these are not as good as the meals.)

Cucumber and Coriander Margarita $AUD 5 approx (not so great)


Classic Negroni $7.50 AUS Approx

Lime Rickey $AUD 5.60 approx

Lao Basil and Lemongrass Mohito (not so great)

Blue Lao-Hawaiian (the best but need to add extra sweetness)

A bit tricky to find, turn towards the Mekong River at Sisavang Vatana Road and look for the Lao Airlines office (next door), the temple (next door)and the French Institute (across the road).

IMG_0047 IMG_0036

IMG_0054 IMG_0010

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