Lonsdale Street Food Tour, Braddon


While it’s still good weather it’s great to head to Lonsdale Street in Braddon for a ‘street food tour’ on a Wednesday -Sunday night when most spots are open. (Wednesday is the pick as it’s the quietest night.)


Park at the Mandalay Bus then walk down to ‘The Hamlet’

It’s best to start at The Hamlet, because it’s the most difficult to get a table here.

IMG_1371 IMG_1360

Bring a bottle of wine, some glasses, a sharp knife and some extra paper plates for sharing food.

You can really pick anything that can be divided into bite sized entree pieces (you have to pace yourself if you’re going to have enough stomach space for all the delights).

Broddogs has some great options…

Brodpups ($5-$7) are good because you can get a real variety…

IMG_4833 IMG_4835

…but the full-sized dogs ($7.50-11) are easier to cut up into reasonably sized pieces.


Next, pack up the glasses and sharp knife and wander up to the Mandalay Bus.

‘Mandalay’ has the better food options and it’s lovely to set up under the trees in Haig Park with your own folding chairs and a make shift table, enjoy the music and watch the sun go down. (If you’ve parked at Mandalay Bus it’s easy to grab them from the boot, along with another bottle of wine!

IMG_4842 IMG_1069

There are tables available but these get taken up quickly, so if you are taking a leisurely approach to each course, it’s best to be independent.

Mandalay Bus has lots of good choices ….

IMG_1039 IMG_4837

… but some great picks for sharing are…

Jalapeno hoppers ($9 for 7)


Vegetable Samosas ($9 for 5)


Spicy Pork Tortilla $10


Satay Chicken and Kim Chee with Roti $9 (a bit trickier to cut!)


For seven people, two serves Satay Chicken, one tortilla, one serve samosas and one serve poppers is about right… (save some room for ice cream).

IMG_4839 IMG_4841

Finish off with a trip to Frugii Dessert Laboratory in the Ori building…

IMG_1061 IMG_1064 IMG_4843

$5 for two flavours in a small cup…

$10 for three flavours in a large cup…

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Frugii Dessert Laboratory on Urbanspoon

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