Mr Frugii Dessert Laboratory, Braddon


Mr Frugii on Lonsdale Street Braddon can be tricky to find, but just watch for the long line of happy customers emerging from the new Ori building opposite the old Lonsdale Street Traders.
Offering a short list of great flavours, it pays to be adventurous ( the musk is wonderful) and free tastes are offered.

The $10 serve is very generous and you can combine 3 flavours.

$5 serves are also offered as well (up to 2 different flavours) as some delicious cakes for $6.

IMG_1064 IMG_1065
Salted Butter Caramel is great ( but not as good as that musk)!

Limited seating at tables and be prepared to queue if it’s busy.
Open from Wednesday’s to Sundays 12pm-11pm
A perfect end to a Lonsdale Street Food Tour.

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