Mandalay Bus, Braddon


The Mandalay Bus in Haig Park Braddon is a Canberra icon that is immensely popular. In good weather, it’s a real treat to grab a table and some milk crates and share a selection from their interesting, good value menu of great food.

IMG_1042 IMG_4837

Bring some wine ( free corkage) some glasses and probably some extra paper plates if sharing and enjoy the leafy treed outlook across the park and background music.



Go early if you want to be sure of a table and choose a weeknight when it’s less busy. But it’s also a great option to take your own table and chairs and set up just under the trees.

Open Wed-Sun from 6pm.

IMG_1039 IMG_1040-0

Some great picks are the Satay Chicken with Kim Chee on a crisp roti (a favourite) $9


Burmese Chicken Coconut Noodle $10


Burmese beef curry with potato and rice $10 ( a special)




Jalapeno Poppers, 7 for $9 (jalapenos stuffed with cream cream cheese and crumbed)


Vegetable samosas, 5 for $9 (nice crispy shells)

The Spicy Pork Tortilla  $10


However, the Pigs Ear Schnitzel on a Saigon Roll has a lovely green apple and cabbage salsa fresca but it really is a pigs ear, so you need to be comfortable with that ( a special $9).

IMG_1051 IMG_1055

Makes a great first or second course for a Lonsdale Street Food Tour.


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