Soksabike bicyle tour of cottage food industries , Battambang, Cambodia


The Soksabike bicyle tour of cottage food industries is well run, thoughtful, culturally sensitive and interesting.



Not only does this tour give you a closer and slower experience of village life, it helps support the uni student guides, the community who hosts and gives the guides English speaking experiences.

Perhaps the best part is being greeted along the way by locals, especially children who call out hellos and enjoy the interaction.






It’s also amazing to see the painstaking effort that goes into the handmade rice paper rolls and dried banana but also interesting to see, and usually taste the fish paste, rice wine and fruit and fresh coconut.




The coffee or shake at Kinyei at the end is also a welcome treat.

It’s a great thing to do in Battambong at $27US for a half day tour, less if more than one person.
The route is about 25km, but breaks are frequent.

IMG_0715_2   IMG_0699_2

IMG_0689_2 IMG_0687_2

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