Romdeng Restaurant – Phnom Penh, Cambodia



Romdeng is one of the two sister restaurants in Phnom Penh that belong to six Friends International restaurants across Cambodia and Laos, that train former street kids in hospitality skills.
Service is professional, friendly and efficient and it’s fun to interact with students and help them in their learning.
Like Makphet in Vientianne, Romdeng food mixes local regional dishes with western preferences in interesting and fresh beautifully presented recipes mirroring those featured in their cookbooks.
Flavours are a all delight, you can’t make a bad choice. It would be wonderful to work through the whole menu.

Romdeng also has a lovely pool that guests of the restaurant can use.
Best to go in the afternoon when it’s quite and enjoy an early cocktail or ice cream, but also lovely in the evening.

Crispy Tarantulas with Black Pepper and Lime Sauce $4.25 US

Grilled fish fillet with young tamarind and green mango relish $7 US

Five spice pork belly stir fried with Kampot Green Peppercorn and Pickled cabbage $6 US

Char grilled eggplant with pork and coriander $6.50 US

Stir fried tree ants with beef fillet and holy basil $7.50 US

Romdeng’s famous chicken and vegetable curry served with baguette (which went amazingly well with it) $6.50 US

Crispy rice noodles with Tofu salad with Potato coriander Spring rolls $6.25 US


The cocktails are amazing….

Frozen lime and black pepper daiquiri $4.50 US & Frozen mango and lime daiquiri $4.50 US

Candied ginger and pineapple margarita with Chilli $4.50 US

Fresh lime and black pepper icecream and coconut sorbet $3, amazing!



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