Turkish Pide House, Woden


The Turkish Pide House in Woden has lovely outdoor seating and inviting interior seating.


It also has a menu full of interesting Turkish dishes and a very convenient location for Woden workers.
The tricky challenge has always been how to order an interesting range of dishes to share and leave feeling content but comfortable.
A banquet (starting at $19.50 and including a glass of wine) is an easy way to share but is way too much food.

However, an alternative for sharing between a group of six is to order a dip and Turkish bread to start with another entrée item and a couple of salads with chicken veal or seafood as well as a pide.
This works out at around $13 per person.


Carrot Dip with Turkish bread – carrot, olive oil, garlic, yogurt, mint & herbs $10.00

Kabak Mucver– Crispy zuchinni puffs served with yogurt & dill dressing $12.50 (halved)
(Two different dips would also work)

2 Salads:

Meditarranean Tavuk Salatasi- Tender chicken pieces char-grilled and tossed with mesculin lettuce, roma tomatoes, cucumber & topped with croutons. Served with a savoury piquant dressing. $19.00

Other choices include:
Prawn Salad– Char-grilled King prawns, tossed in mesculin lettuce with roma tomatoes, cucumber and infused with a tangy dressing. $20.00
Calamari Salad -Grilled Calamari, tossed in mesculin lettuce with roma tomatoes, cucumber, & infused with a tangy dressing. $19.00
Aegean Salatasi- Thinly sliced veal, char-grilled and tossed in baby spinach, fetta cheese, mesculin lettuce, tomatoes & topped with tzaziki dressing. $19.00
Karisik Balik Salatasi -Grilled seafood salad including salmon, prawns & calamari $22.00

1 Pide

Vegeterian Deelite – Roasted pumpkin and potato with fetta, garlic, capsicum, onion & cheese topped with pesto aioli. $18.50

BYO is also welcome at around $4 corkage per bottle.

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