Jars of Clay Restaurant – Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Near to the Russian Market is Jars of Clay Restaurant which is only 1 1/2 blocks down from the main gate on…. Clearly marked on lonely planets maps, turn right as you come out on Street 155.

IMG_0092_2-2 IMG_0091_2

The Lok Lak is exceptional and has a great flavour $4.75 US.


The Kmer chicken and fish curries $4.25 Us, are also good, a little like Penang curry but with pepper.


The Khmer beef stew also good very good. The bakery desserts also looked very good.

Ginger and lime juice.


Spring rolls

Very lovely clean bathrooms and a large roomy space to eat upstairs.

Staff are helpful and offer good service. Connected with an NGO helping disadvantaged women, it’s a good spot for lunch.

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