Ceylon Cafe, Woden – another Sri Lankan gem


The Ceylon Café at the Woden Bus Interchange is another local undiscovered Sri Lankan gem offering authentic Sri Lankan dishes at bargain prices. It’s another great Canberra spot to explore this lesser known cuisine.

IMG_9250 IMG_9249

Currently offering curries ready to go and Koththu Roti and Marsala Dosa made to order, this small eatery is planning to launch an extensive menu in the third week of January 2015.


Serves are very generous and two plates of mixed curries is just right for 4 people and an unbelievable price of $5 each.

Priyanka is charming and very happy to chat about Sri Lankan food. It’s fun and rewarding to support this homely enterprise.

IMG_9271 IMG_9264

The décor is pleasant, but basic and it pays to sit away from the door as the bus interchange can seem awfully close otherwise.

Rice and Curry $ 10.00 choice of curries (chicken or lamb and all the veg curries) served with steamed or vegetable Basmathi rice


Chicken Curry Boneless pieces of Chicken cooked with a rich combination of Sri Lankan spices and a dash of coconut milk

Lamb Curry Chunks of lamb fully infused with a perfect blend of exotic Sri Lankan spices and a dash of coconut milk

Dhal Curry Red Masoor lentils cooked to perfection with a nice combination of spices and coconut milk

Fried Egg Plant Moju This is one of the signature dishes in Ceylon café

A perfect blend of spices, fried egg plant and vinegar topped with colorful combination of fresh chillies, onion and tomato.

Pumpkin curry – cooked with Sri Lankan spices and a dash of coconut milk

Coconut Sambol Fresh scraped coconut blended with chillies, pepper, onion and a hint of lime juice.


Fish,Chicken, Lamb or Vegetable Pan Rolls $2 each Curried potato and fish/meat filling rolled in a crumbed crepe


Samosas $2 each3pieces) Mild curry vegetable and potato in a traditional style samosa pastry

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