Thirst – still a top pick in Canberra


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Thirst on West Row, Canberra City, has always had great style and good food. But a couple of newer additions to the menu are outstanding and along with some old favourites, make Thirst the best local spot for Thai food.


Penang Curry with Chicken (outstanding) $25.90


Stir-fry chicken with chilli jam, basil, seasonal vegetables and cashews $23.90


Crispy fish salad $24.90 (an old time favourite)


Chicken and Coconut Salad with peanuts and mint $24.90 (a regular favourite on the specials board)


The new Lemon and basil sorbet ($2.90 per scoop), is light and tangy like lemon delicious pudding, the best flavour on the menu and a wonderful way to finish the meal.


Add a piece of homemade salted caramel with or with peanuts, for extra sweetness.

$5 for a pack of six.

Serve sizes are very generous and great for sharing, even between six people. On Mondays and Tuesdays Thirst offers two mains or two entrees for the price of one making it exceptional value for very good food.

No BYO option is available on Mondays and Tuesdays, however wine starts at around $38 per bottle, and from $8 per glass.
BYO is available other nights of the week for around $10 a bottle.

Four dishes with three rice ($3.50 per serve) between six modest appetites is a satisfying and comfortable ordering plan especially if including ice-cream/sorbet and salted caramel.

If your group includes larger appetites you may need up to one dish per person.

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