Bao’s Kitchen, Dickson, Canberra


Bao’s Kitchen is a small eatery in Dickson, with a very basic decor, offering traditional Chinese food.


Weeknights are moderately busy with plenty of people who seemed to know the best dishes to order.

IMG_0038_2 IMG_0039_2
The Pork with Ginger and Shallot,is generous and tasty, (but not spicy) and comes with 6 small pancakes. This dish is a bargain at $14 and could be a great starter for 3-6 people eating in a group.

IMG_0040_2 IMG_0041_2
Buk Choy $12                                               Complimentary fruit to finish

Corkage is $4, rice $2 and Bao’s offers 25% discount for those with the Canberra Entertainment Book.

Very good value dining.

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