Chairman and Yip, Canberra City – a quick look



Chairman and Yip is one of my favourite restaurants that always feels very uniquely Canberra. The service is a always exceptional, the atmosphere is ‘special’ , food delicious and pricing reasonable (25% discount on the entertainment card and BYO $10 per bottle).

A good spot to celebrate a special event.



$16.50    Steamed chicken wontons dressed with hot chilli infused oil

IMG_2324 IMG_2323

$16.50    Calamari tossed with spicy salt & chilli           $16.50    Grilled field mushrooms with cashew and herb pesto (top pick)


$33.50    Beef and scallop ground pepper hot pot  (top pick)      $31.50    Spicy lamb Shan-Tung style

The Chairman and Yip on Urbanspoon

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