Eighty Six, Braddon, Canberra


Eighty Six in Braddon, has been immensely popular since it opened.
The menu is not available on line, but is up on the blackboard on the wall.


It changes seasonally, and includes a very varied range of interesting dishes like smoked beetroot risotto, bag salmon with pickled ginger…….


scallop with black pudding and fennel $8 each, black chicken with butter milk slaw $34 for two Marylands….

lamb shoulder (1 kg lamb for $64), ceviche with pita crisp…


Caramel Popcorn Sundae $14….

Bananoffee Pie $14 (both rich and delicious, and best shared)

Dishes are designed for sharing and it’s best to go with a group so that you can try a whole range of different dishes which are usually a lot more interesting than they might first sound, so to be adventurous.
Prices vary, but most dishes are around late $20s early $30s.
Wine though is quite expensive, double many other places at around $16-17 a glass, and bottle prices match. There is no BYO option.
So that makes it a very expensive meal if you include wine.
A great place to go with a group of friends who want to share tastes of a wide range of dishes, but gets expensive if including a lot of wine.
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