Burmese Curry Place


The Burmese Curry Place has always looked inviting and like incredible value for money ($7 for two curries and rice take away, $8 eat in).
But it is only open until 7pm-7:30pm Monday to Friday.
Serve sizes are generous, particularly for eat in, and service is warm, friendly and quick (instant).
There are just nine curries to pick from, which keeps the choice easy.

IMG_0053_2 IMG_0054_2

Sweet Pork and Chicken and Beans with rice $8 eat in.
I liked the Chicken and Beans (No.8) and Sweet Pork (no. 3) best, followed by the Chicken and Prawn (No.7) and then the Fish Curry (No.5) and last the Vegetarian Curry (mainly shredded potato) (No.9) which I wouldn’t get again.
Reading a few more reviews, I’d like to go back and try the egg curry, fish cake curry and beef and potato curry (and why not try the Chicken and Potato too).
Probably better suited to warmer weather when it’s nice sitting outside as the ‘eat -in’ option is a good one and the dishes are more enjoyable served on a plate. No licensed and no BYO.








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