Phnom Penh Cambodian Restaurant – Belconnen, Canberra


What Phnom Penh may lack in appearance, it quickly surpasses in friendliness and delicious dishes.
Cambodian cuisine differs to Thai and Vietnamese in it’s unique and liberal use of pepper, with great effect.
Phnom Penh is well worth a visit, just to experience the difference.

IMG_0102_2 IMG_0100_2

Dishes are well sized and ideal for sharing (around one dish per person is about right) and rice ($2.50 per serve) and corkage $5 corkage is inexpensive.

My favourites were:

IMG_0096_2 IMG_0095_2
Fish Amok – fish cooked with coconut milk, kaffir lime leaves, crushed peanuts and chilli (Cambodia’s national dish) $19
Crispy soft shell crab with chilli – soft shell crab tempura with garlic,black pepper, spring onion, fresh chilli served with lemon and pepper sauce $25

IMG_0097_2 IMG_0093_2
Ginger fish on vegetable crown – pan fried fish fillet with ginger and shallot sauce on a crown of tomatoes and cucumber $28
Crispy calamari – tempura calamari with lime juice and pepper (main size $17.50) (this photo is only part of the dish)

Others particuarly liked the:
Hot pot pepper and caramelised fish – fresh fish in caramelised sauce with pepper $20

IMG_0098_2 IMG_0094_2
Cambodian BBQ special lamb sizzling – marinated lamb with lemon grass on a hot sizzling onion bed $20

Least liked was the:
Special lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves and chilli stir fry with pork $18


IMG_0106_2 IMG_0107_2 IMG_0103_2

Easy to find as it overlooks the roundabout on Luxton Street from it’s upstairs location next to Taj Agra Belconnen.
Parking is easy below where there’s also conveniently a bottle shop, if you need it.

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