Maple & Clove, Barton – a quick look at lunch


IMG_7406 IMG_7402

Very pleasantly located near the stylish Hotel Realm in leafy, spacious Barton, Maple and Clove is open 7 days for breakfast (all day on weekends) and lunch.

Bookings are taken and both indoor and outdoor seating are lovely.
Focussing on whole foods and alternate grains, it pays to order dishes that include some strong flavours.
The smoked salmon tartine is delicious and well sized for sharing.


Smoked Salmon Tartine – Zucchini, lemon, chives, ricotta, smoked salmon + rocket — $18

(French style open-faced sandwich served on thinly sliced toasted wholemeal spelt bread)


One serve split for sharing                       Half a Smoked Salmon Tartine

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