iPho Vietnamese Cafe – Garema Place,Canberra City


iPho is has a central location in the city and is helpfully open late and 7 days. It’s a great spot to get a Vietnamese street food ‘fix’ if you’re missing Vietnamese style coffee with condensed milk, Vietnamese rolls or pho.
Corkage is only $3 per bottle, there’s indoor and outdoor seating (cosy with gas burners in the cold weather).


Chicken & prawn fresh spring rolls (the best pick)       Vegetarian spring rolls ( second best pick)

Staff are very relaxed and obliging, making it a great spot to start a city street food progressive meal with an entree of fresh spring rolls with a glass or two of BYO wine.
Two large fresh spring rolls are $5 with a very tasty satay style dipping sauce. The chicken and prawn rolls are the best, followed by the vegetarian rolls and lastly the pork and prawn rolls.
If what you need isn’t ready to go, it can be quickly created in a few minutes.
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