A Canberra Street Food Tour – a great group summer idea


Exploring street food specialties is one of the most enjoyable foodie travel activities. So why not try the same idea back home?

This way of sharing food together offers variety, value, an opportunity to learn about foods from other cultures, a short stroll between courses and some interesting conversations with eatery staff. But more than that, the ‘progressive dinner’ nature of the meal mixes everyone up each time the group moves, so there’s a chance to chat with more people. It’s a great idea for groups wanting to get to know each better.

Tips for organising a successful street food tour include:
1. Choose warm evenings if sitting at tables outdoors.
2. Choose spots with a BYO licence and low corkage (as you will pay this more than once).
3. Avoid busy nights and stick with eateries where you don’t need to book. (It is hard to predict exactly what time you will arrive and it can be frustrating for staff who are expecting to cater for a whole meal if you only are wanting to order one course.)
4. Pick places where you can come and go easily.
5. Plan to share dishes so that everyone can eat a number of courses but still be comfortable.
6. But do also plan to order sufficient at each spot to justify the use of crockery. (Paying corkage is helpful to cover the use of wine glasses).
7. Estimate the cost per person and keep a kitty to pay from at each venue.
8. Include the cost of wine and corkage. It can be helpful to buy and bring the wine for the group.
9. Leave a tip.

Suggested Canberra City Street Food Itinerary


iPho, Garema Place – Vietnamese fresh spring roll $2.50 each ($5 for two, must be bought in pairs). Corkage $3 per bottle wine.
(Allow $3.25 per person) (Open late)


Global Cafe, Northbourne Ave – Ethiopian Injera bread with Meat and vegetable combination Wat $18.90 per serve (share one between 3 people, includes extra Injera and rice). Corkage free.
(Allow $6.30 per person) (Open until 8-8:30pm).

(On a Wednesday, the Roller and tap beer/cider special at the Treehouse is hard to beat for $10).

IMG_0032_2 IMG_0033_2 IMG_0029_220140720-215052-78652621.jpg

Thirst, West Row – Modern Thai Street Food – homemade sorbet ($2.90 per scoop), coffee/tea $3.90, salted plain or peanut caramel $1 (or 80c with a hot drink).
(Allow $7. 60 per person) (open until 9:30pm)

Total $17.15 per person (not including cost of wine or tips)

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