Treehouse, Canberra City – a quick look at Wednesday evening ‘Rollers’ special


The Treehouse on Northbourne Ave, Canberra City offfers a range of great specials.

Particularly wonderful is the Rollers Wednesday night special available 4-10pm.


$10 includes a glass of beer or cider (5-7pm wine is $5 a glass if you would prefer) as well as a gourmet burger with hand cut chips and aioli.


Chilli beef meatball, caramelised onion and cheddar (especially good)

Pulled pork, apple and fennel slaw (also very nice)


Haloumi, hummus and tomato saffron salsa
Gourmet bread pockets served with a side of
hand cut chips and aioli (also very good)


Mexican chicken fajita and guacamole (probably not as good as the others)


It’s especially nice sitting upstairs with the view through the golden leaves to the main bar.
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