Mehrangarh Fort – Jodphur, not just a great dining backdrop


IMG_0012 IMG_0040

Magnificent Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur, an unbeatable backdrop for any meal is also worth a closer look.
It has an excellent museum and a good audio tour that’s included in the entrance price. ( A good to know that you need to take some form of ‘security’ for the audio guide i.e. Licence, passport, credit card or $US 40 or equivalent.)



20140820-173131-63091408.jpg 20140820-173131-63091036.jpg

20140820-174653-64013105.jpg 20140820-174653-64013543.jpg

20140820-174130-63690006.jpg 20140820-174130-63690368.jpg

20140820-173133-63093349.jpg 20140820-173132-63092951.jpg
















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