Trilogy, Cafe Bar and Grill – a good Woden lunch spot


Trilogy, located next to the Hoyts movie theatre at Woden Westfield is a good option for a weekday group lunch in Woden. Serve sizes (including wine by the glass) are generous making sharing easy. Two dishes is plenty for four people. A salad and pizza work well together and pizzas can be ordered with two toppings. The pumpkin and cashew, tandoori and ham and pineapple pizzas are excellent as is the pumpkin and baby spinach salad.

Staff are also happy to offer containers to take extra servings away to enjoy again later.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays Pizzas are two for the price of one.

Greek salad $13.90 and two large pizzas is plenty for six people.


Prawn and Calamari Pizza is very good $29.90                                                                                   for a large

The Canberra Entertainment book includes a voucher for two mains for the price of one.




A large Tandoori Pizza and Ham and Pineapple Pizza (1/2 and 1/2) $25


Taking some with you to enjoy again later is easy





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