Sutton Forrest Estate Wines – the best stop for coffee/lunch on the way to Sydney


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 Sutton Forest Estate Wines

A real gem on the Hume Highway.

This Winery and Cafe is a great find and the only real alternative to roadhouses and quick service restaurants on the left hand side of the highway. Helpfully, it is also midway between Canberra and Sydney. (On the right hand side, almost opposite, Sutton Forest Estate Wines, is Eling Forrest Winery, also good for a stop when heading back from Sydney on the other side of the highway. However, it gets much busier than Sutton Forrest winery and it can be worth crossing over the overpass for quicker service and a quieter spot.

Sutton Forest Estate Wines can be a bit tricky to find the first time. Head up to McDonald’s but drive past the drive through entrance and keep going, almost as if you are getting back on to the Hume highway, but take the last exit on the left down a small road. There are usually signs out to indicate the right way to go.


The turn off to the winery from McDonalds    Heading back the other way to get back on to the highway

Sutton Forrest Estate winery and cafe is only open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays 9-5pm (sometimes a bit earlier).

Nic and his wife Santina are lovely, They make great coffee and wonderful focaccias with Santina’s home roasted vegetables,  and salami or ham.


They also have Alpine gelato, torte delle nonna, jam tart (homemade) , minestrone soup and a wonderful looking antipasti platter for two or more ($19) which I’m told comes with plenty of bread and would be great with a bottle of their own wine ($20-$27 per bottle, also available by the glass). (I suspect a platter for two could be enough for more than two.)


IMG_9180 IMG_9183

Torte della nonna  $9

While you’re waiting for Santina to cook your focaccia,  you can taste some of the wines on offer.


On sunny days it’s nice to sit outside and the view of the vineyards is terrific.


On cold or rainy days the open fire inside is gorgeous.


For me, no trip to Sydney is complete without a stop here.



2 thoughts on “Sutton Forrest Estate Wines – the best stop for coffee/lunch on the way to Sydney

  1. We have always noticed this place but never stopped there as we have friends we visit in Sutton Forest, however this looks great!!!. Perhaps as an add-on for another trip…our friends, Matt and Kym have an olive grove on Golden Vale Rd. They make the best olive oil I have ever tasted and it is as fresh as. Kym’s caramelised balsamic vinegar is also to die for. Kym now has a “shed” where you can visit and taste oils before purchasing, however you may need to check out the website for opening hours.


    • Sounds like travelling to Sydney needs plenty of time to enjoy all the opportunities! Thanks Marg, will look out for Kym’s olive oil. I like the sound of the vinegar too.


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