Cheers for helpful Canberra restaurants & cafes (for sharing)


When a restaurant or cafe has tried really hard to make it easy to share, they deserve a special mention:

Noy at Thai Chiang Rai, Kingston was more than happy to prepare 1 1/2 serves of his wonderful Five Spice Prawns and serve them in two dishes.

3/4 serve Five spice prawns (about 10 prawns per one serve)

3/4 serve Five spice prawns (about 10 prawns per one serve)

The staff at Chong Co, Kingston, likewise, did not hesitate to offer 1 1/2 serves of their soft shelled crab and duck salad dishes.

Pho Quoc in Dickson and Meccabah in Manuka, both happily offered extra serving bowls and spoons to split their soups.


Rare beef Pho at Pho Quoc – delicious


Meccabah’s Harira Soup

A delightful new wait person at The Palette Cafe (Beaver Galleries, Deakin) surprised us by arriving with our soup already split into two bowls.


Half serve of soup at The Palette

Soju Girl have been really great at making sure small plates come with enough pieces to share.



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