Baan Latsamy, Manuka, Canberra – Laos Thai food from North East Essan


Baan Latsamy is on Flinders Way in Manuka, across the road from Coles, McDonalds and Gelatissimo.

Open for dinner 7 days 5:00-10:30pm and lunch Monday to Saturday 11:30am to 2:30pm Ph: 02 62950426.

The best place to park is in the medical centre building on Furneaux Street ( in between Franklin and Bouganville streets) which is free after hours. You can walk down the lane opposite the pedestrian crossing across Furneaux street and Baan Latsamy is on the right hand corner at the other end of the lane.

Suggested Shared menu:

Entree Crunchy Eggplant with Chicken and Prawn Deep fried sliced eggplant wrapped with minced chicken and prawn served with chilli sauce ( this is fantastic!). Order one serve per two people ( two generous pieces in each serve) $12.90 per serve

Mains ( serves are large so choose three for six people)

Mussamun Curry with Beef $18.90 With potato and roast peanuts, cooked in a thick curry, coconut milk sauce

Hot Wok Stir Fry Ginger and Vegetables with Beef $18.90 With ginger, beans, onions, shallots and dried mushrooms

Green Curry with Chicken $19.90 With bamboo shoots, beans, peas and basil leaves cooked in coconut milk Chicken with Cashew nuts stir fry $18.90

Hot Wok Stir Fry Thai Basil with Chicken $18.90 With capsicum, onions, beans, bamboo shoots, fresh chilli and basil leaves in the chef’s special sauce

Three serves of rice is enough for six people.

The sticky rice $2.90 goes especially well with the curries and slow cooked duck. Otherwise the coconut rice is lovely $2.90.

Baan Latsamy will also very helpfully provide 1 1/2 or 2 1/2 serves of dishes which is very useful if group numbers are tricky.

BYO wine ($5.50 corkage per bottle) 25% discount offered for the Canberra Entertainment book up to $25 $105 total cost for food ($17.50 per person) , $81 with the discount ($13.50 per person)


Crunchy eggplant with prawn and chicken (2 pieces $12.90) ( only one piece shown here)


Beef mussamun curry


Green curry with chicken


Hot Wok Stir fry Thai Basil with Chicken


Hot Pot Stir Fry Ginger and Vegetables


Chicken and cashew nut stir fry $18.90


Hot pot roast duck (delicious, but more difficult to share the large pieces) Baan Latsamy Thai Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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